Spinneys collaborates with Embrace to reinforce mental health in Lebanon

As part of the “Flower Festival” in its 8th edition

On the occasion of the Mental Health Awareness Month, which falls in May, Spinneys, in collaboration with Embrace association, organized a workshop as part of the annual “Flower Festival” in its eighth edition. Within the framework of Spinneys’ activities and work that support community safety and green initiatives revival, the workshop was held on Thursday, May 12, at Spinneys’ branch in Hazmieh with the presence of journalists and social media influencers.

This collaboration aims to shed light on the significance of mental health, which is no less important than physical health, spread awareness and knowledge about it, and urge the need to address it and classify it as a priority. In addition to that, the workshop highlights the positive impact of flowers and green environment on mental health in terms of reducing stress levels and anxiety, as well as the great benefits of integrating nature in our daily life. Moreover, studies have shown that surrounding oneself with flowers and greenery enhances the individual’s mental health, reduces mental fatigue, and improves concentration levels. The green environment also helps alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, improves mood and leads to good changes in behavior.

For her part, Ms. Hiba Dandachli, Communications Director at Embrace, said: “We thank Spinneys for this valuable and successful initiative to spread awareness about the importance of mental health. Embrace has been working hard for years to break all restrictions related to the issue of mental health, and to establish it as a basic human right. It also works to provide high-quality mental health services to all individuals in need of support through the National Lifeline in Lebanon (1564) for emotional support and suicide prevention hotline, and the Embrace Mental Health Center, in addition to the support and awareness sessions conducted by our team in all Lebanese regions.”

Through this event and collaboration as a whole, Spinneys aims to support the Lebanese community by providing effective solutions and urging its members to talk about mental health and not hesitate to seek help. Believing that this annual Flower Festival, which continues in Spinneys, Hazmieh, until late May, could be a hope for the community to recover again.

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