Spinneys lights up the streets of Achrafieh

Following the “light up your street” initiative launched by the “Rebirth Association” and as part of the efforts to bring life back to the streets at night in the capital Beirut, Spinneys collaborated with the association to illuminate the streets of Mar Mitr and Adib Ishaq in Achrafieh, in order to facilitate the lives of residents and ensure their safety while driving on the roads at night. It was also done to contribute to the spread of security, safety and tranquility in the area.

This initiative aims to strengthen the cooperation between associations and private institutions by combining their common goals and strategy as they work together for the public benefit. The initiative also falls within the framework of Spinneys’ successive Social Responsibility activities towards the community to support its members and provide maximum practical facilities for it.

Commenting on this initiative, Ralph Al Kahi, chief marketing officer at Spinneys, said: “We are proud of this collaboration with the Rebirth Beirut Association to ease the movement of citizens and restore light to the nights in Beirut.” He added: “Our hand is always extended for similar initiatives that are in the interest of the Lebanese society and can alleviate the daily suffering of citizens, especially during these hard times the country is going through.”

Spinneys always strives to find sustainable solutions that serve both the homeland and the citizen, especially in the field of providing alternative energy and lighting in its branches and in populated streets which is a continuous effort in light of the electrical crisis that the country is currently facing. This is all done to bring back life and spread hope for a better tomorrow.

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