Spinneys proudly announces its agreement with the Italian Trade Agency, reigniting hope in the Lebanese economy

As part of Spinneys continuing efforts to offer their customers the best and highest quality products, to keep supporting the Lebanese economy especially in these dire times, Spinneys and the Italian Trade Agency, the trade promotion section at the Italian embassy in Beirut, are pleased to formalize their collaboration during the year of 2022.

The agreement aims to raise awareness and grow the consumption of Italian products in Lebanon based on the collaboration between Spinneys and ITA, as well as to promote better recognition and understanding of Italian products among Lebanese consumers.

“We are delighted about this trade agreement with Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon” Trade Commissioner at the Italian Trade Agency Beirut, Claudio Pasqualucci, stated. “Our cultures have many similarities and this is apparent in the way we eat and cook. The Lebanese people have a big liking for Italian products and cuisine so we are thrilled to finally be able to introduce them to new and exciting products.”

This agreement brings much needed hope to the Lebanese economy, especially in today’s climate. Working hand in hand with the ITA, Spinneys plans to increase the sales of Made in Italy products and the export of Italian- made products to Lebanon, as well as increase the number of Italian Suppliers available at Spinneys outlets, be it brands or products.

Hassan Ezzeldine, Chairman of GMRL, stated “We are proud of our on-going collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency. We are proud to still be able to import high- end products that will have a big and positive impact on the industry and the Lebanese economy as a whole. This collaboration opens the door to the European market which is a big step forward for Lebanon during these difficult times. Nothing will or should compromise the quality of the products we offer our customers.”

With the aim to promote exclusive imported food brands as well as introduce new Italian brands to the Lebanese public, Spinneys will also be taking their customers through an immersive cultural experience both in-store and online. Spinneys shoppers will be able to see, hear, taste and experience the Italian heritage whether shopping at one of the branches, or through going through their online channels.

By solidifying relations with key international suppliers, Spinneys reasserts its support to the Food and Beverage industry and the Lebanese economy as a whole, while always introducing the Lebanese public to new high-quality products, no matter the economic or political climate of the country.

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