Sports enthusiasts throng Khalid Lagoon to watch free practices of F1 & F4 Race Powerboats

Further adding to the excitement quotient of Sharjah World Championship Week 2019, more than 27 international teams have launched a series of events and races, including F1 and F4 powerboat championships, alongside many related water sport activities. Outdoor sports enthusiasts thronged Khalid Lagoon, where the first round of free practices of the F1 boats have begun ahead of the qualifying F1 Grand Prix of Sharjah Race, which is one of the most famous aqua championships in the world.

Day one saw Timed Trials F4 race and the first round of F4 Race Day 1 attracting many visitors, adrenaline junkies and water sports enthusiasts from around the world. The events of the Sharjah World Championship Week 2019 form part of SCTDA’s efforts to highlight Sharjah’s competitiveness as an ideal venue to host sporting events of global scale, which has enabled it to host major international sports events and consolidate its position as a global tourist destination and a hub for various high-level sporting, cultural and entertainment events and programs.

The exciting series of races forms part of the activities of the Sharjah World Championship Week 2019, which runs until December 21, 2019. Now in its 20th edition, the Championship attracts some of the most renowned speed boat riders from around the world to showcase their professional skills and compete for the world championship titles.

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