Statement of His Excellency Ahmad bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, on the Martyr’s Day

On the UAE Martyr’s Day, we stand in awe of the great acts of heroism shown by the brave soldiers of our country in the fields of honour and glory, and reaffirm our loyalty to the blood of righteous martyrs which is not spilt in vain, but instead have brought pride and honour to the country, setting the foundation for a bright future for the UAE and catapulting the nation to greater heights at the regional and international scene. Our celebration of this cherished national occasion is a sincere expression of our pride in the sacrifices made by the UAE martyrs, who have set the ultimate example of courage and loyalty, and a reaffirmation of our solemn pledge to always remember these noble sacrifices made to defend our beloved homeland, to maintain its dignity and glory, and to uphold justice. Our martyrs will continue to be remembered as the torchbearers who light the way forward to a brighter future for our nation.

Our commemoration of Martyr’s Day affirms the unity and solidarity of the UAE community and the commitment of UAE citizens to serve their nation and its wise leadership without question or hesitation. I would like to avail of this opportunity to extend our profound condolences and respect to the families of the martyrs who lost these noble souls to build a legacy of love and loyalty to the nation. Our martyrs will remain immortalised in our hearts, and we will continue to draw on their memories as a source of strength and determination to defend the unity and integrity of the UAE — an act which the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (May his soul rest in peace) described as a ‘sacred duty that each citizen owes to the nation’. We also pledge to protect the weak and the oppressed and to uphold justice under the guidance of our wise leaders, who always place the support of sisterly countries at the top of their priorities.

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