For the Stella McCartney Spring 2020 show, I worked closely with Stella to create a fresh makeup look that encapsulated the vision of ‘typically British’, naturally enhanced beauty. This look was designed to complement the natural, sustainable vision of her Spring collection: “FORCE FOR NATURE”. My gorgeous niece Sofia Tilbury brought it to life in Milan.”


 Naturally British, Dewy, Fresh Skin Look


“Magic skin was the focus of this look. We kept the face natural, dewy and fresh using my hero complexion products: Magic Cream for the dew of youth, Magic Away Concealer for the look of a perfect skin day in seconds. A  glossy, balmy, hydrated effect on the eyes using my NEW! Hot Lips Clear Lipstick Conditioner, and a blush of fresh, creamy, peach was swept onto the cheeks for a ‘just run through a meadow’ effect. Full, natural, brushed-up brows, and Full Fat Lashes mascara finished the look. For the men, a little Magic Away Concealer was applied if needed, but the look was ‘cool, grungy London’.”





  1. The model’s skin was prepped with Charlotte’s best-selling Instant Magic Dry Sheet Facial Mask. With Vitamin B3, Crocus Bulb Extract, peptides, oils and butters the mask uses a unique biomimetic vector delivery system to feed the complexion where it needs it most. It’s Charlotte’s skincare secret for a more radiant, brighter and hydrated looking finish on the runway!
  2. To create the natural, dewy, fresh skin look, Magic Away Concealer was applied to the model’s skin. Charlotte’s award-winning concealer with Persian silk tree bark extract, Palmitoyl Glycine and extract of wild indigo hides the appearance of pores, smooths fine lines, and visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes so every model has a runway-ready, flawless, poreless-looking complexion.
  3. Next, Hollywood Flawless Filter, Charlotte’s hyper-real, glossy, gorgeous filter for the face was dotted along the tops of model’s cheekbones, to instantly illuminate the complexion with a dewy, flawless finish.
  4. To add warmth to the complexion, and subtle structure to the face Charlotte’s Hollywood Contour Wand was applied to the temples, cheeks and bridge of the nose
  5. For a natural flush of warming colour on the cheeks, models wore NEW! shades from Charlotte’s Hot Lips 2 collection (launching 20th June), matched to their complexion. A little of the lipsticks were applied to the apples of the cheeks, blending with their fingertip.
    • The first shade is a gorgeous, tawny beach rose that enlivens the complexion to give you instant looking health
    • The second shade is a peachy, nude-rose which looks great worn as a blush on the cheeks for a fresh, pretty pop of colour.
    • In a nod to sustainability, for the first time, the Hot Lips 2 collection will be available in a NEW refillable packaging format



  1. Brows were kept natural, brushed up and groomed using Charlotte’s Legendary Browsin the shades matched to the model’s hair.



  1. In keeping with the natural, fresh look, model’s eyes were fresh and wide-awake with a glossy effect. Charlotte’s NEW! ‘Lipstick Conditioner’ from her Hot Lips 2 collection (launching June 20th) was used across the eyelid creating a luxurious, balmy finish. This NEW! Hydrating Clear Lipstick includes Magic Shea Butter making it incredibly nourishing and moisturising for the skin.
  1. Models lashes were curled for definition and lift using Charlotte’s Life Changing Lashescurler, followed by a light coating of Charlotte’s Full Fat Lashes to the lash roots on the top and bottom, to create definition but with a barely-there finish.



  1. For the naturally, balmy lip look, models wore a slick of Charlotte’s NEW! ‘Lipstick Conditioner’ from her Hot Lips 2 collection (launching June 20th). This timeless, comforting, hydrating clear lipstick keeps lips moisturised for up to 12 hours.





Charlotte’s Magic Cream


Magic Away Concealer

Hollywood Flawless Filter


Hollywood Contour Wand
Hot Lips 2 – NEW! tawny, beach rose shade

Hot Lips 2 – NEW! peachy, nude-rose shade


Legendary Brows



Life Changing Lashes eyelash curler

Full Fat Lashes mascara

Hot Lips 2 – NEW! Hydrating Clear Lipstick


Hot Lips 2 – NEW! Hydrating Clear Lipstick


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