Stones concludes 2021 on a high note with overall sales of AED 365 million

Backed by remarkable property sales transactions, Stones’ total revenue in 2021 surpassed AED 365 million for the first time in five years. The UAE-based real estate brokerage, which boasts of a sizable international network of clients and property portals, leased out more than 100 properties this year, enabling it to sustain its position as one of the fastest-rising players in the property industry.


The company also recorded its highest sales deals as a result of growing local real estate market, which has been fueled by the influx of Expo 2020 Dubai tourists, investors’ interest, and robust infrastructural development projects in the country. The property market remains appealing to investors and expatriates due to UAE’s exemplary response to the pandemic resulting in the local economy recovering and stabilizing.


Leading up to the launch of Expo 2020, the company’s sales transactions were on an upward trajectory. Stones observed 29 transactions with an average of AED 160 million in as early as February.


This strong performance reflects Stones’ financial position, its ability to attract high revenue, and shareholders’ interests for long-term value. The firm is known for its customized real estate solutions, backed by offers of premium experiences and lifestyle opportunities across market segments while its sought-after services are delivered by professionals worldwide.


Kundan Choudhary, Chairman of Stones, said: “Our outstanding sales results, which are the greatest in five years, are owed to our clients’ and stakeholders’ confidence and loyalty. We are confident that the local market will continue to experience sustained strong demand and progress in the coming year, driven by the country’s business-friendly regulations, robust infrastructural developments, visa reforms, and strategic location. We are optimistic that the future of the real estate industry is bright.”


Stones is a fast-rising industry player with reliable property solutions, reputable real estate specialists, and well-established local and global networks. The firm has an extensive portfolio of clients across Dubai, London, Singapore, and Mumbai, to name a few. 

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