Your Ramadan just got a lot sweeter. Sugargram, is bringing Dubai’s favourite bite size cupcakes to Iftar & Suhoor with delish Ramadan flavours. Also back by popular demand is the limited edition candy gram that sold out during Valentines day – this time with a Ramadan spin. That’s not all, this Ramadan, Sugargram is sending mouth cookies and mega cakes fresh outta itty bitty cupcake city. Anyone with a sweet craving can simply log into Chatfood or Deliveroo and the sweets will be delivered straight to your doorstep!

Ramadan bite size cupcakes

Made with classic Ramadan flavours in mind Sugargram cupcakes are a perfect addition to any Iftar and Suhoor table with seasonal favorites like Saffron, Date, Coffee, Vimto & Karak Chai. This year indulge in Saffron & Vanilla flavoured Charlize Saffron; both flavours in perfect harmony with each other, your basic instinct will be to go for more. Satisfy that sweet tooth with the decadence of Date Moss, a homage to Kate Moss, an icon wherever she goes. Bring it home with the delightfully classic Anna Vimtour, a refreshingly different, unmistakable Vimto Ramadan treat. Pamper yourself with strong and aromatic Black Chaina, a fully flavoured Karak Chai cupcakes and Love, Rosie a cool rose cupcake with a surprising Nutella filling.

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