SUPERGA X YOOX – Couples shoes collection

This Fall, YOOX spreads a message of love and celebrates the “couple-twinning” phenomenon within its collaboration with Italian footwear brand, Superga.

After presenting online a series of projects developed for the Korean audience, with SUPERGA X YOOX, the world’s leading online lifestyle store brings this local, Korean habit in more than 100 countries.

Popularized by K-dramas and K-stars, the “couple-twinning” phenomenon – where couples dress alike – gained the spotlight inside and outside the fashion scene from 2010 onwards. Soon embraced beyond the Korean boarders, first by Japanese and Chinese couples, the trend had originally boomed amongst the younger generations as an unconventional way to present themselves as a couple and express their affection towards each other.

If wearing matching clothes, accessories and especially shoes originally started in the streets of Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai, recently Hollywood celebrities have also embraced the trend, making their public couple appearances with similar looks.

In its characteristic pop and colorful manner, YOOX has decided to celebrate the “couple twinning” mania by partnering with Italian footwear brand Superga on five “couples shoes”, each characterized by peculiar matching patterns.

From complementary muted shades, pops of brilliant blue heel tabs to de facto Korean ‘finger heart’ print (christened by none other than G-Dragon, who claimed to have started it as a child)’, the SUPERGA X YOOX capsule collection is conceived for all couples who wish to find their perfect pair.

Starring as face of the campaign for SUPERGA X YOOX is Irene Kim (@ireneisgood), who has playfully modelled to interpret the five couple-shoe models designed by Superga exclusively for YOOX.

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