The arrival of the holy month of Ramadan brings with it a time of warmth, togetherness, reflection and connection – things that are increasingly precious in today’s uncertain world. To mark the occasion, Swarovski has curated a brilliant selection of styles that inspire women to express themselves and shine a light on the treasured bonds of friendship and love.


Nasr Sleiman, Managing Director at Swarovski Middle East, says, “At this blessed time of the year, self-reflection, connection, friendship and gifting loved ones are top of mind. Our jewelry selection for the Ramadan Campaign brings both meaning and style to any look, inviting women in the region to express themselves while also cherishing the special bonds with family and friends who mean the world to them.”


The Campaign

Renowned Kuwaiti Influencer, fashion blogger and TV presenter, Noha Nabil, is the face of the campaign. She brings with her an impressive social media following of over 8 million as well as her sister and fellow social media influencer Nouf Nabil, and friend and influencer Deema Al Asadi.

In the campaign, the stylish group not only showcase their unbreakable bond, but also how precious childhood memories have become brilliant traditions from cherished years spent together during the Ramadan season. Swarovski invites women to #SharetheSparkle this Ramadan and to celebrate the magic of friendship and eternal bonds.

Highlighting the importance of family and friendship, Noha Nabil says, “I am thrilled to be part of this year’s Swarovski Ramadan Campaign, especially alongside the two people closest to my heart. While we are all busy with our lives, Ramadan is a time to reconnect with family and friends – the people who mean the world to us. Swarovski reinforces this message with a brilliant selection of jewelry and accompanying campaign.”


Jewelry Selection for the Ramadan Campaign

Ideal for wearing or gifting this Ramadan, each design carries the message of friendship and togetherness. Elegant, refined and easy-to-wear styles shine brightly, and they can be worn alone or layered together, enabling women to experiment with their look.


Five Swarovski Symbolic Collection styles look to the Middle East for inspiration:


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