Swarovski believes in empowering women. Making them feel beautiful and as brilliant as the sparkling crystal collections it creates each season. For over 120 years the brand continues to push the boundaries of design and the Swarovski Remix Collection is a testament to its pursuit of innovation. This game-changing collection rewrites the rules of jewelry and was awarded the Collection of the Year 2017 winner by Professional Jeweller. The innovative magnetic feature on the shimmering strands allows for customization so women can create seemingly endless combinations of bracelets, necklaces and strandages to match their mood, outfit, occasion – in an instant.


Each piece of jewelry says something about a woman’s style, and some can even tell a story. This fall there is a bright new line added to the mix with easy to clip on Swarovski Remix Collection Charms featuring Swarovski crystal pavé letters, colorful birthstones and shimmering symbols.


Swarovski’s Creative Director Nathalie Colin says of the new collection: “Jewelry is an expression of our individual personality, our style and taste. It is very personal and can therefore give a strong identity to every single look. At Swarovski we believe in empowering women to express themselves through our jewelry, to shine brightly and let their sparkle light up the world all day. With the Swarovski Remix Collection, every woman can follow her mood of the day, and create the jewel that best illustrates who she is. Sparkle meets the ultimate in versatility through glittering letters, birthstones and symbol charms to offer women a palette of options to create one-of-a-kind statements of style and offer seemingly endless ways to sparkle all day, every day.”


Create sparkling stories with the Swarovski Remix Collection Charms – Letters, ideal for those who love the more minimalist style with maximum meaning. It’s all about the finer details this season with the Swarovski Remix Collection Charms – Birthstones. Every month of the year is represented by a beautiful birthstone, making thoughtful gifts that will stand the test of time. Expressive and symbolic jewelry take center stage with a shining array of versatile Swarovski Remix Collection Charms – Symbols that are beautifully finished on both sides including the evil eye, hamsa hand, swan, moon and star.


These brilliant new additions to the Swarovski Remix Collection help women to transform their look from day to night and create a piece of jewelry that reflects their personality, story and style.

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