Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Stop the Bleed


Roads for Life (RFL) has certified 16 trainers from the several units within the Lebanese Armed Forces including the 1st and 2nd  Combat Regiments, the Special Forces School, and the Marine Commandos Regiment, all of whom completed the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) training course at the Special Forces’ School in Hamat thanks to the strategic partnership with Fransabank.

RFL has also given a “Stop the Bleed” Course for 140 officers and non-commissioned officers from the 2nd Brigade, the 12th Brigade, the First Intervention Brigade and the First Land Borders Regiment at the Civil and Military Cooperation Center in Tripoli. This follows the recent launching of Stop the Bleed, the Ministry of Health in order to promote the skills allowing to control bleeding before the arrival of an ambulance on the scene of the accident. This program was initiated under the joint sponsorship of the said ministry and the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and in partnership with the Lebanon Chapter of the American College of Surgeons.

RFL President Zeina Kassem notes that these training sessions coincide with the National Army Day celebration, noting that the Lebanese people are unanimous about supporting the Army and strengthening its capacities so that it undertakes its duty to protect Lebanon’s borders and the country’s very existence. Kassem said: “The skills provided by these programs are part of the Army’s defensive arsenal, which protects our soldiers. We are determined to be part of this arsenal and bolster it in any way we can.”

Kassem revealed that RFL is working on providing advanced training kits for all its training programs, adding that this constitutes a financial challenge that RFL is intent on meeting as soon as possible.

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