Taif Season Announces Awards for Outstanding Media Performance


Taif Season has announced the launch of its “Outstanding Media Performance Awards,” which will be presented in five different fields, with winners receiving cash prizes.

The awards aim to support excellence and innovation in media, and enhance Taif’s status as a tourist destination and the Arab summer resort of choice.  Award categories include best media story, media coverage, photograph, Snapchat and tweet. Entries must be received by September 3, and will be evaluated by a jury of media experts.

For the media story award, the most important criteria is that it represents a real story, while the media coverage must be informative and give added value to win. Photographs will be judged on the idea, effort involved in taking them and their impact, while snapchat coverage and tweets will be judged on ideas and value and quality.

The best media story award has a cash prize of 30,000 riyals, while the best coverage award is valued at 20,000 riyals. The best photograph winner will take home 15,000 riyals, which best snapchat coverage is valued at 10,000 riyals and the best tweet at 7,000 riyals.

Media professionals and bloggers can find out more details of the awards on the Saudi Seasons website and Taif Season accounts on social media sites. The e-mail address is: [email protected].

Media participants covering Taif Season will find plenty of material, and scope for creativity, with a range of quality events taking place in the Souk Okaz, Village of Ross, Crown Prince’s Camel Festival, and the Al-Baid Masters, which includes mountain hiking in Al Hada and Al Shafa; as well as a host of accompanying activities.

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