Taking care of men this Movember

Men are considered the physically stronger gender. When it comes to caring for their health, they sometimes get ignored. Dr. Ghadir Atout from Drs Nicolas & Asp Centers is turning the focus on men this month and sharing some important tips on how men can take care of their teeth and gums. 

To begin with, we must understand the challenges our teeth face, the most important of which is plaque. Plaque is the thin layer that sticks to the tooth surfaces and is the leading cause of gum infections and tooth decay in men.

Recent research has shown that the rate of gum infections in men (60%) is higher than in women (40%). Therefore, men need to take care of their oral health to prevent gum infections.

Tips to take care of your teeth include:

  • Brushing teeth twice a day – Even if you are tired from a long day of work, do not skip brushing your teeth before bed. Brushing gets rid of all the food that may be lodged in your teeth during the day and prevents plaque build-up.
  • Use dental floss to clean between the teeth every day–Proper cleaning is important because food can get stuck in the nooks and corners of the teeth. Dental flow reaches the places that the toothbrush cannot reach, cleaning your teeth properly.
  • Visit the dentist and get checked by a Specialist Periodontist –Even with a diligent oral care routine, you can still experience oral health problems due to various reasons. Get yourself checked regularly by a professional to catch any issues early on and get the required treatments.
  • Refrain from smoking in all its forms – Smoking is harmful to the gums and teeth. It weakens the gums and stains the teeth, and also leaves your mouth open to all kinds of infections and harmful bacteria.
  • Attention to eating healthy foods rich in fibers and vitamins and a lot of drinking water–A healthy body will house a healthy mouth. Making sure you take in the right nutrition will help you fight disease and keep you healthy.


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