Talabat and Edenred partner to accelerate financial inclusion of over 15,000 riders in the UAE

Edenred, UAE’s largest salary processing provider is introducing, with talabat’s support, C3Pay payroll cards to third party logistics companies (3PLs) as a payroll solution to benefit over 15,000 riders in the UAE.

C3Pay payroll cards are Mastercard prepaid cards, accepted globally at any store, online and ATM for cash withdrawal. Through these cards, riders will also have access to the C3Pay mobile app, provided by Edenred, where they can view their live balance and keep track of their transactions, transfer money to their home country or recharge their mobile phones in a few taps.

This step is in line with both entities’ efforts, as well as the UAE government’s, to encourage partners and riders to migrate to cashless payments and enjoy the ease, flexibility, transparency and speed of digital transactions.

Commenting on this initiative, Wael Fakharany, Managing Director at Edenred UAE said, “Our initiative with the support of talabat is in line with the UAE Government’s vision to go cashless. With C3Pay, people no longer need to guess where their money is, queue at an ATM, pay excessive fees, or rely solely on cash. They have the power to do everything they need with their hard-earned salary instantly, conveniently and more affordably.”

“Placing consumers and their needs front and centre is essential for driving financial inclusion, and we at Edenred are really excited to be able to provide this access to all individuals regardless of their financial status. To support users with their new journey digitally, we’ll conduct training and educational sessions to empower them with the right knowledge.”

Tatiana Rahal, Managing Director at talabat UAE: “As talabat continues to expand, it is a priority for us to encourage the 3PL companies we work with to improve their payment methods with the growing fleet of riders and switch to digital transactions. We see cashless payments as the primary mode of financial transactions in the near future and it currently encompasses the majority of our transactions with our partners – it is only natural that we expand it to other functions of our ecosystem.”

She added: “By supporting this initiative with Edenred, we are able to enhance the riders’ experience and facilitate their switch to digital financial platforms as we head towards a

cashless future. Riders will also be able to have more visibility and control of their finances with this financially inclusive payroll solution, which is in line with wider talabat efforts to enhance riders’ financial literacy and help them get closer to achieving their goals, whether they want to start their own business or buy a house back home.”

The UAE government is leading the drive towards digital transformation as well as the country’s transition towards a digital economy. Last year, the Cashless Countries report by a UK-based price comparison website ranked the UAE as the eighth most cashless society in the world. According to the report, the UAE is likely to become the first cashless country in the Middle East with around 83 per cent of the UAE’s population owning a debit card.

For more information, please visit – https://www.edenred.ae


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