Tania Saleh : “ INTERSECTION” TOUR 2018

The Lebanese singer/songwriter/visual artist Tania Saleh has been one of the most central artists in the Arabic underground music scene since the nineties. She has never stopped seeking new connections with countless other art forms, mixing traditional music forms with an ever expanding pallet of new impulses. Throughout her career, she has released 5 music albums and cooperated with a who’s who of Lebanese musicians, in addition to international artists and Norwegian musicians.


A year ago, the audiovisual album “ Intersection” was launched mixing Arabic poetry, classical Arabic melodies, street art, Arabic calligraphy and contemporary electronic sounds. Tania wrote the music to almost all the poems and lyrics. The most recent album has won the  German Record Critics’ Award for 2018.

In addition to Saleh’s album, the past year was extremely fruitful in terms of accomplishments and concerts where she took part in various gigs locally and internationally.  Also, Tania Saleh has been awarded the Lebanese American University Lifetime Achievement Award for 2018 for her outstanding work in the visual and musical field for more than 25 years.


Some of the concerts and gigs she took part in during 2018 are: Stallet, Sweden – Wasla Music Festival, Dubai – KKV Jacob’s Church, Norway – Dar Al Athat Al Islamiya, Kuwait – The Marquee, Egypt- Cairo Jazz Club, Egypt – Al Genaina Theatre, Egypt – Oslo World Festival, Norway- Nobel Peace Center, Norway- Visa for Music, Morocco – Beirut & Beyond International Musical Festival, Lebanon – Institut du Monde Arabe, France.



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