Tanmia announces a strategic partnership with UK-based private equity firm Nationbuilders Capital

Tanmia – Agricultural Development Company (“Tanmia”) announced on Wednesday that it entered into a long-term strategic partnership with UK-based private equity firm Nationbuilders Capital.

The agreement will include two Nationbuilders executives and independent members being appointed to serve on the Tanmia board of directors to support the implementation of the company’s growth plan. Rima Freiji will continue to serve as Chairman of the board of directors and will assign the management of the company to the newly appointed CEO George Nassar, a 29-year consumer goods industry veteran at Procter and Gamble whose last position was managing director of Procter and Gamble in Nigeria.

Tanmia is an integrated poultry farming, processing, and distribution business with a range of fresh, ready to cook, and canned products branded under the company’s flagship Tanmia brand.

“The company is an agro-processing pioneer operating under global standards of quality, bio-security and hygiene. It has an impressive and diversified range of products suitable to local and regional markets and a brand that is well-known and trusted by the Lebanese consumers” said Emile Akl, regional director at Nationbuilders Capital. “Lebanon is at the frontier of our coverage area as an investment firm, so the bar to consider a transaction is extremely high. We are thrilled to work with the Freiji and Nasrallah families and the new management to support the company in becoming a regional leader”.

“Nationbuilders Capital recognised the value of our people, our commitment to delivering fresh and healthy products to the Lebanese consumer and our keenness to grow” said Rima Freiji. “We look forward to working together to deliver on our ambitious business plan”.

“I am eagerly looking forward to developing and strengthening a trusted brand like Tanmia in Lebanon and beyond” said George Nassar.

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