Tartufo Bianco – A Truffle Masterpiece with Ristorante Loren

Introducing a truffle menu with the rarest jewel of the season

Ristorante Loren, the breathtaking Italian Riviera-inspired rooftop destination perched above the mesmerizing SÄN Beach, is thrilled to unveil the Tartufo Bianco seasonal menu. Presenting a highly anticipated truffle amalgamation as the winter season unfolds its magical allure. This limited-time menu will be available for both lunch and dinner starting from November 13th, 2023, and will elegantly accompany the existing à la carte menu, until the end of December. With the jewel of the season being the record-breaking white Alba truffle weighing a whopping 536g.

The Tartufo Bianco Menu will meticulously incorporate pieces of this exceptionally rare white truffle, ensuring that every aspect of the Tartufo Bianco menu is infused with its exquisite flavor until the final presentation. Evoking a sense of warmth, the white truffle is a luxury commodity found in the forests of the Piedmont region in Italy, only accessible for a few months of the year. This winter season, Ristorante Loren offers its guests access to the very rare white Alba truffle, with a size that breaks all previous Dubai records536g, worth almost AED13,000.

Ristorante Loren invites luxury connoisseurs to indulge in the rarest white truffle of the region this year, the showstopper of each culinary masterpiece in the menu. The Tartufo Bianco menu features 5 exquisite dishes priced individually, each celebrating the opulence of truffles with an innovative twist. Experience the ultimate truffle extravaganza.


  • Uova in cocotte con tartufo bianco: 180 AED
  • Fondata di mont d’or con crostini di pane nero: 220 AED
  • Risotto al cavolfiore, funghi porcini e tartufo bianco: 270 AED
  • Tajarin piemontese con zabaione al pecorino e tartufo bianco: 300 AED
  • Pizza scamortza, asparagi e tartufo bianco: 350 AED

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