Tenable Co-Founder and CTO to Join Global Leaders in Davos for Cyber Future Dialogue 2019

Tenable®, Inc., the Cyber Exposure company, today announced that Renaud Deraison, the company’s co-founder and CTO, will join other global leaders in Davos, Switzerland for the Cyber Future Dialogue 2019 to discuss cybersecurity issues.


Deraison will participate in the panel titled, ‘Addressing Adversarial Actors in Cyberspace’  on Tuesday, January 22 from 2:40-3:20 PM local time. He will be joined by other global cyber leaders. including Denise Anderson, President of Health Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (H-ISAC), Rod Beckstrom, CEO of Beckstrom and COL. Jaak Tarien, Director of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence (CCDCOE)  to discuss the business, technical and social challenges facing business executives, civic leaders and cybersecurity experts alike in our increasingly digitized society. The dialogue will be chaired by Valmiki Mukherjee, Chairman & Founder of Cyber Future Foundation.


Hosted during the World Economic Forum, Cyber Future Dialogue is an executive roundtable of select global leaders and luminaries from both public and private sectors. The Cyber Future Dialogue is convened by Cyber Future Foundation and is in its second year. This pioneering group will develop a call to action and issue a resolution for tackling the upcoming year’s cybersecurity priorities.


“It’s inevitable that virtually every CEO will ask his or her leadership team a simple question this year in the face of a headline-grabbing cyberattack: “Are we exposed?” That’s a critical and foundational question, but the most strategic CEOs go further, asking where to prioritize based on risk, whether they’re reducing exposure over time and how they compare to their peers,” said Deraison. “Cyber risk poses an existential threat to today’s vibrant global economy and to our very way of life. It’s a challenge we can no longer ignore.”


“We are seeing an extraordinary move to a connected, digital world, where digital technology controls every aspect of our being. While technology in its various forms is meant to enhance our experience and enrich our lives, it is also being used in ways that the creators of those technologies could never imagine,” said Mukherjee. “For us to move forward as individuals, businesses and nations, we would need to have a holistic view of the cyber implications, ranging from technology to its implication on our nations and businesses, and above all people. We are convening the dialogue as CFF’s continued measure of executive engagement across multiple stakeholders.”


For more information about the event visit: http://cyberfuturedialogue.org/

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