The Association of Banks in Lebanon has issued the following press release

“The Association is aware that the banking sector has been recently subjected to a systematic incrimination campaign aimed at undermining its reputation and weakening public confidence in one of the major productive sectors in Lebanon. The Board of the Association asserts and confirms that attacking one bank means attacking the whole banking sector, especially that this reflects an absolute slander, assumptions and baseless allegations. In this context, the Board of the Association condemns, denounces and disapproves what has been said against Bank Audi, which fully adheres to all applicable laws in Lebanon and international standards and laws in the banking sector, like all other banks in Lebanon. The Board warns those campaigners against the severe damage that may be caused to the banking sector, undermining the most important component of the Lebanese economy. Accordingly, the Association of Banks calls upon all political actors and the media to show a spirit of national responsibility in such exceptional and difficult times in the interests of the nation and its population.”

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