The Creative Industry Summit successfully concludes its 12th edition in Egypt 1800 participants and 250 speakers, and the journey continues in Saudi Arabia 2022

The Creative Industry Summit (C-S) concluded its 12th edition, accomplishing exceptional success by gathering leading experts in various industries locally, regionally and internationally. The Summit exhibited inspiring creative expertise, allowing attendees, from students to CEOs, to exchange experience. Hence, participants are motivated to unleash their creative potentials, lead their sectors and become the core of creative economy in their communities. The summit took over the Nile Ritz Carlton, Cairo from the 28th of November until the 1st of December.

The Creative Industry Summit hosted variety of officials, leaders, experts and entrepreneurs in various fields, including Ambassador Osama bin Ahmed Nugali, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Egypt, Former Minister of Industry and Trade, and Saudi entrepreneur Kaswara Al-Khatib, chairman and CEO of UTURN Entertainment. Adam Elsharkawy, the American-Egyptian actor best known for “Big Zee,” as well as Amina Khalil, Ahmed Amin, Amr Salama and Wegz.

Mai Salama, Founding Partner of the Creative Industry Summit (C-S), stated: “Continuing our success with C-S 2021 has brought us great enthusiasm, as we come back bigger and stronger than ever to promote creativity as one of the main elements of excellence in all fields and arenas. We take great pride in extending cooperation with our strategic partners, including FP7 McCann Cairo, our first real believer, and HeartWork, the leading administrative headquarter in Egypt and MENA regions at Mountain View iCity as well as El Batron, Nojara, Mount PR, Isobar.

As a regional and global hub for creativity and creative economy, C-S aligns with the state’s diligence to launch cultural, investment, and economic events, maximizing Egypt’s attraction as a popular touristic destination.”


She added: “This edition is of particular importance to us. It is the first step towards realizing our most important dream of expanding collaboration with Arab countries, building on the solid base we have established in Egypt over the past years. Hand in hand with our partners in the advertising committee at the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh, we take the upcoming edition of the Creative Industry Summit to Saudi Arabia next February in collaboration with KSA Chamber of Commerce and Balacona Platform. Augmenting our home grown brand to other countries in the region, we target inspiring and encouraging all people with innovative ideas to pioneer their fields and support development in the whole Arab world.”


C-S 2021 has managed to bring together 2700 speakers representing 23 tracks, along with more than 1800 attendees. The summit featured 8 workshops, 53 panel discussions and many more activities, highlighting inspiring successes. Amr El Kalaawy, Managing Director FP7 McCANN Cairo, expressed his joy for going back live. He emphasized the agency’s commitment to supporting the Creative Industry Summit since day one, offering a comprehensive platform for all creatives to achieve more breakthroughs.


The creative Industry Summit shed light on several great stories, such as Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez’s project. He is the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Notpla, a London based start-up with the goal of making packaging disappear. Their product is an edible package made of seaweed, so it reduces plastic waste and preserve the environment. The company won the World Technology Award by Fortune and TIME.

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