The Crossing Launches Enticing New Taster Menu

The Crossing, Indian fine dining restaurant is thrilled to introduce its latest culinary masterpiece, a new Taster Menu that takes guests on an extraordinary gastronomic journey. This specially curated menu celebrates the vibrant flavors of India while exploring diverse cuisines and cultures, catering to both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food lovers.

Embodying the essence of modern India and contemporary Indian aesthetics, The Crossing presents a dining experience characterized by clean lines, minimalist decor, and neo-Indian design. With a focus on modern plating, handcrafted cocktails, and an expertly curated wine list, this menu perfectly complements the flavors of Indian cuisine.

The Crossing invites its guests to indulge in a captivating exploration of Indian cuisine, showcasing a wide array of delectable dishes that will tantalize the taste buds. From the moment guests embark on this culinary journey, they will be immersed in a symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas that transcend boundaries and excite the senses.

This extraordinary menu is thoughtfully divided into four sections: Chaat, Small Plates, Mains, and Desserts. Each section offers a meticulously crafted selection of dishes that exemplify the culinary heritage of India and the artistry of The Crossing’s talented chefs. From traditional street food-inspired Chaat to innovative Small Plates that blend Indian culture flavors seamlessly, guests will be taken on an unforgettable voyage through the world of Indian cuisine.

“The Taster Menu at The Crossing represents our passion for culinary exploration and the desire to create a memorable dining experience for our guests,” Culinary Director for The Crossing, Michelin Star Chef Jitin Joshi, stated

“We have carefully curated a menu that showcases the diverse and rich flavors of India while embracing different cuisines and cultures. Whether you’re a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, this menu has something for everyone.”

Priced at AED 195 per person, guests can savor the exquisite offerings of this remarkable menu. The highlights of the menu include Laccha Matthi Chaat, Naga Chilli Crab Sanpiau, Lamb Chop, Malaiyu and many more. For those seeking an elevated experience, The Crossing proudly presents a vintage pairing for an additional AED 145, allowing guests to savor the perfect blend of exquisite wines that harmoniously complement the flavors of each dish. Guests can opt for the sommelier’s choice, an optional enhancement priced at AED 225, which amplifies the flavors and textures of every course, creating an unrivaled gustatory adventure.

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