The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi Concludes Participation in 51st Cairo International Book Fair

Participation aimed to further strengthen relationships with key stakeholders and promote Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2020

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has concluded its successful participation in the 51st edition of the Cairo International Book Fair, which took place in the Egyptian capital from 22 January to 4 February.

As part of the promotional campaign for Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2020, set to take place in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre from 15-21 April, DCT Abu Dhabi’s participation at the Cairo International Book Fair aimed to attract new publishers and strengthen relationships with writers and specialists in the sector.

The DCT Abu Dhabi delegation provided an overview of Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and its programming, as well as meeting with His Excellency Dr. Haytham Al Haj Ali, Head of the Egyptian General Book Authority and Mr. Islam Bayoumi, Director of the Cairo International Book Fair, to brainstorm ideas for future collaborative  projects. The delegation also met with Mr. Mohammad Rashad, President of the Arab Publishers Association, to discuss the potential participation of members of the organisation in the coming Abu Dhabi fair.

The DCT Abu Dhabi pavilion attracted large numbers of visitors, who explored the Department’s latest publications from the Kalima Translation Project. These included The Diaries of Franz Kafka, edited by Max Brod, and Blood and Faith by Matthew Carr; as well as a variety of scientific titles such as Deep Space by Govert Schilling, The Elements and The Molecules by Theodore Gray, The Solar System by Marcus Chown, and Travel Literature Series, an Isdarat Project studied and translated by Dr. Ahmad Ibish.

In addition, DCT Abu Dhabi organised several cultural events at the Cairo fair that attracted publishers, authors and visitors. On the first day, these included a symposium and a signing ceremony for the novel Galfari on the Banks of the Nile by the Emirati writer Ali Abu Al Rish. The second day saw an evening discussion on poetry in the Arabian Gulf, as well as a signing ceremony for the The Gulf as a Poet, a book by the Egyptian writer and journalist Abdel Wahab Qataya.

As part of Kalima Reading Club’s participation in the book fair, Kalima Translation Project organised a panel discussion on the travelogue Voyage to Egypt by Theophile Gautier. The panel saw the participation of translator Dr. Mohamed El Khouly, novelist Ibrahim Abdelmajid, and writer and journalist Mohamed Shair, with writer and researcher Raafat Al Suwairky moderating the discussion.

DCT Abu Dhabi also organised the symposium ‘Zayed and Egypt’ to launch the second edition of Sheikh Zayed: Milestones and Images in Arab Press, released by the Department’s Isdarat Project. The symposium was attended by author Dr. Mohammed Al Mansoori, writer Jumaa Al Darmaki, Saeed Hamdan Al Tunaiji, Director of the Publishing Department at DCT Abu Dhabi, Imad Hussein, Editor of Al Shorouq, and journalist Adel Al Sanhori.

“Emerging with a multitude of promising opportunities, we are very happy with the outcomes of our time at the Cairo International Book Fair,” said Abdullah Majed Al Ali, Acting Executive Director, Dar Al Kutub Sector at DCT Abu Dhabi. “A longest standing and respected event in the region, the fair provides fantastic networking and an ideal platform for promoting what Abu Dhabi’s own book fair has to offer. Following a series of successful events and meetings, we have seen strong interest from new Arab and international publishers in participating in the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.”

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2020, which has named Russia as Guest of Honour, is set to see participation from publishers, authors, industry specialists, and artists from 76 countries in the region and around the world. The annual event is taking place from 15-21 April in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. For further information, please visit


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