The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi Launches TechZone Initiative

Series of interactive workshops and courses part of the Summer #inAbuDhabi Season

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) has announced the launch of TechZone, a new initiative offering a variety of tech-oriented workshops and interactive courses to the young people of Abu Dhabi. TechZone sessions will take place at both Manarat Al Saadiyat and Al Ain Library between 22 July and 27 August.

Aimed at 10 to 20-year-olds, TechZone offers participants the chance to gain skills in the areas of photography, design, photo editing, computer science and project management, and forms part of the Summer #inAbuDhabi Season.

The programme includes ‘Photography Basics’, a three-day workshop for beginners, who will learn about the different types of photography, the best equipment to use, and the basic aesthetic principles of the art form. Included in the sessions is a live picture editing demo and a photo walk.

A series of workshops offering participants the opportunity to learn more about creative design, Photoshop, logo design, photo editing and website development will also take place throughout TechZone’s four-week run. ‘Fundamentals of Creating Visual Designs’, ‘Adobe Photoshop Tools’, ‘Create Your Own Logo and Identity’, ‘Step-by-Step Photo Manipulation’ and ‘Create Your Own Website in Photoshop’ sessions may be taken separately, or all together as a bundle of courses that will provide participants with a solid foundation in digital and web design.

‘Play with Robots’ is a fun, interactive and educational workshop which will see young participants engaging in play and activities with robots such as Alpha 1 and Cozmo. Alpha 1 can dance, do yoga, play sports and much more, while Cozmo allows participants to play with or against him in several games.

Other courses include ‘Introduction to Computers’, which instructs participants in the basics of computer science, and the ‘Create HTML/CSS’ workshop. In addition, the ‘Project Management’ workshop provides an introduction to basic project management skills and methodologies, including overviews of the common phases of managing a project, the definitions of project success, and the constraints of the field: Scope, Cost, Time, Quality, Benefits and Risks.

For further information about TechZone, and to see the full schedule of workshops, please visit

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