The Evolution of Picture Quality: Cinematic Viewing Guaranteed With LG

Your home TV memories will never be the same again! After years of research and development, LG introduces the 8K OLED TV and 8K NanoCell TV that provide the most distinct, crystal clear picture in the market. By placing pixels extremely close together, LG’s NanoCell TV can absorb unwanted light, boosting the picture quality to optimum standards, creating deep greens and reds all across the frame. Viewing angles are now wider and the color is purer and more vibrant – think of the entire spectrum of a rainbow!


More than that, as Artificial Intelligence is a core component of LG’s television, it provides AI Picture, AI Brightness and other features supported by the intelligent processor. AI Picture recognizes the original content quality, while AI Brightness optimizes the picture by altering the television set’s brightness and clarity according to the ambient lighting that it detects.


With the support of Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR by Technicolor up to 4K and HLG and HDR 10 up to 8K, you can now make every seat in your living room equally enjoyable, even at a 90-degree angle. In addition, LG’s innovative wheel-less laser and LED technology allows the projector to provide you with an exceptional viewing experience that will make color distortion and clouding a thing of the past.


This state-of-the-art product is a result of LG’s future-oriented vision. “We live in an increasingly competitive market and a time where people seek the top of the line entertainment that is easily accessible and reliable. Our research and innovation team at LG is aware of that and will continue to raise the bar in the world of audio-visual entertainment” said Mr. Kim Donghyeon, Managing Director of LG Levant Subsidiary.


No visual experience is complete without experiencing the real black. LG Nanocell’s ‘Full-Array Dimming’ gives it great control over its backlight. Its picture is supported by hundreds of tiny LEDs which divides the screen into different zones, each of them controlled separately. The result? Movies with dark cityscapes and tense moods will be shown in true, deep, black, fully immersing the views in the reality of the action.


Entertainment pleasure does not stop here. LG’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) works simultaneously with its 4K resolution to level up the TV watching experience at home. The result is brighter whites and more than one billion accurate colors. With this technology, LG rubs shoulders with giants like Sky, Netflix, and Ultra HD Blu-ray, which all embraced this video format, which is also compatible with HLG and Dolby, HDR 10, among others. This gives you a rich selection of HDR content. Indeed, LGs 4K resolution paves the way to enjoy a wide variety of world-class content from Amazon and Netflix and football events from international providers. More so, even news providers such as CNN and BBC are providing 4K resolution broadcasts. A new world of sports, entertainment news is now at your fingertips. It is not a surprise then that LG 4K Ultra HD TVs earned the ‘Netflix Recommended TV’ status in two consecutive years; 2017 and 2018.


Since LG NanoCell TVs have full compatibility with the Dolby Atmos®, the sound of your LG TV is guaranteed to match any cinematic experience. This is because the sound will flow all around you, putting you in the midst of the action exactly as it takes place. The future of the home cinema is now.


Finally, using the A7 Gen 2 processor, LG NanoCell takes gaming to a whole new level. When playing a fast-paced game on the 4k console, the screen will never produce a blurring effect anymore, allowing the fast action to move smoothly. This all boils down to the FPS (number of frames per second) that a television screen can handle, and while standard television screens can handle a maximum of 60 FPS, LG NanoCell TVs can handle as much as 120 FPS, providing a fast-moving, blur-free gaming experience. With LG, you would feel proud of inviting your friends over to see a match, play a game or watch a movie– at any spot on the sofa, the thrill is guaranteed!

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