The Expansion of a Practical Visioned Technology Development Company into the Middle East – Occudiz

Occudiz, a technology development company established in 2015 headquartered in Canada, has announced the expansion of its business operations across the Americas, Europe, and Asia to the Middle Eastern markets.

Occudiz, led by Alaa Dahbour, an entrepreneur and one of the company’s founders, announced, according to the decision of the Board of Directors, in line with the recognition of 2023 as the “year of sustainability”, as a year of growth and sustainable expansion for Occudiz within the digital market after passing through the difficult COVID-19 pandemic period. As it plans to expand its operations in the Middle East region, Occudiz has identified Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates as key focus markets for sustainable digital growth with plans on establishing local headquarters and offices in all 3 countries in the future.

The company boasts innovative and fresh technology solutions that are committed to supporting the development of technology infrastructure, networking, design, artificial intelligence, technology consulting, as well as application development and the development and launch of Occuz 360, a data-driven platform for managing multiple digital channels from one place powered by a seamless forward driven technology architecture to enhance digital engagement. The platform is one of the company’s main services, along with other technology services launched by the company, considering the new smart city initiatives being developed by the GCC countries.

Occudiz’s team of experts is skilled in a variety of technologies, from up-and-coming machine learning and server-side languages to front-end languages, enabling them to pivot and adopt new technical methodologies easily. As the company expands into the Middle East, Occudiz will continue to leverage the latest trends in the technology market, including blockchain, automation, and AI, to provide customized solutions for their clients, helping them streamline operations, increase security, and improve customer experiences.

These end-to-end solutions allow companies to integrate interaction and communication with customers from multiple digital channels, including application services, dynamic link shortening services and engagement services via email, SMS, social media channels, web chats, and more, with the use of up and coming technology trends and development as well as engagement platforms that can be powered by artificial intelligence using natural language processing features, and customized reporting structures that have become very popular amongst organizations.

Occudiz’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and its focus on client satisfaction and ethical business practices have helped establish the company’s strong reputation in the industry. The company has a dedicated team of professionals who work closely with clients to understand their needs and requirements, resulting in high levels of satisfaction and repeat business

Along with commitment in delivering expertise and innovative solutions to businesses in the region, Occudiz has appointed Alaa Dahbour, an up-and-coming tech figure with over a decade of experience and an extensive practical background in technology and business, to lead the charge, where the dedication is to ensure that Occudiz is poised for success in the Middle Eastern market.

Additionally, Occudiz has a commitment to giving back to the community through its corporate social responsibility program and involvement in several initiatives aimed at empowering communities and promoting education, which the company aims in bringing to the market as well.

In a statement issued by Occudiz, in which it addressed the reason for expanding in the Middle East at this time: “Occudiz’s expansion in the Middle East region comes at a critical junction. The digital market in this region is heading towards smarter living and near total digital dependency in various fields of business and personal life. Contributing to achieving a safer and healthier digital future is what we strive for, therefore, bringing our expertise and innovative solutions to businesses in the region which have been developed to contribute to shaping this digital future is key to ensuring we are part of the digital future of the region.”


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