The first ever hotel lobby Pickleball Court. Where? @Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis

Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis is known as the non-typical hotel and its gone one step farther by launching the world’s first pickleball court in a hotel lobby.

 A fast-growing sport attracting all generations pickleball is a hybrid of tennis, ping pong and badminton. Although the sport is not new – created back in 1965 – it’s swiftly gaining popularity over the last 3 years, especially in the US.

Perfect for areas with limited space – its smaller than a badminton court. Perfect for a community – the sport attracts all people of all ages, all professions, all interests and a good chance to network + socialize + entertain. Perfect for your memory – the rules are simple but need a lot of attention. Let’s take a look…. one of the pickleball rules is the 10 second rule. Once the score has been called, the server has 10 seconds to make their serve. If over that then he/she is called for a fault and lose their serve. Rather simple and it keeps the game moving. Want to challenge yourself and your friends?

Since the opening of the hotel the team has been creating incredible places to network, entertain and socialize. OUI Sports Bar, REDROOF, Jones The Grocer, art expos in the RED lobby, functional lobby, table tennis, arcade games  – all are making Radisson RED a community hub for people living, working and entertaining in Dubai Silicon Oasis… and now they are launching their pickleball court.

So buzz along to Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis where the apartment lobby has been transformed into a pickleball court. Grab your gang and don’t forget to invite those who say “What on earth is a pickleball?!”


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