The Lebanese Psychiatric Society asserted the inefficiency of “neurotransmitter-based food additives”. It warns the mentally ill: Laboratory tests prescriptions is fraudulent

The Lebanese Psychiatric Society (LPS) condemned as “fraud” any laboratory tests request supposed to detect mental illnesses, assuring that “the neurotransmitters involved in these diseases, are currently not measurable”. The LPS is setting off the alarm bells against “neurotransmitter-based food additives, affirming that they “have no influence on the mental illness course”, and may even “be harmful”.


In a statement released on Wednesday, the LPS, “the official body of all psychiatrists in Lebanon”, drew “patients’ attention to several points concerning mental illnesses.”


According to the statement, “there are currently no additional tests such as laboratory tests that can detect biological abnormalities related to mental illnesses”. The LPS explained that “neurotransmitters involved in mental illnesses such as serotonin, dopamine, GABA or others, are currently not measurable.” And added that “any examination asked to a patient in this sense is pure fraud, and remains far from reality”, because “no laboratory, neither local nor abroad, can provide such kind of dosage”.


On the other hand, the statement pointed out that “neurotransmitter-based food additives, prescribed by doctors or others, have no influence on the course of mental illness of any kind. Currently, “no scientific data suggests that a positive evolution can be perceived for any given disease in the instance a patient takes such kind of additives”, the LPS insists. The Society warned that “at worst, these additives can be harmful”, saying that “we do not yet know their influence on the people who take them”.


The LPS concluded its statement by inviting patients to “consult a psychiatrist before undertaking any examination in this direction or taking any additive”, because “only the psychiatrist can give them the necessary information regarding the evolution of their illness”, stressing on the necessity to “follow international recommendations regarding mental illnesses “.

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