We are almost there! The #SephoraSquadME applications are now closed and our top 54 applicants announced as semi-finalists! Stay tuned for more updates!

Let the fun begin! We have a panel of amazing partners to help us find the finalists for the #SephoraSquad Middle East. Judging will be based on quality of content, beauty knowledge,

interaction, engagement across all social platforms, and the testimonials they have received.


Laila is a beauty, lifestyle, fitness and travel content creator. She believes that beauty isn’t about changing who you are to be something different, but about enhancing your features to be the best version of yourself. Laila’s best advice to upcoming content creators is to be your unique self, be consistent and don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting.


Top 3 Editing tips:

  1. Find your own style of editing
  2. Take your time finding the right music that fits your video content

Watch your content many times to make sure everything is in the right place before uploading

Fun Fact about Laila:

Growing up, she always wanted to be an actress. She played the lead in most of her school plays.


Zobayda Benkirane

Zobayda is a beauty enthusiast who is passionate about what she does. She believes that beauty resonates from the inside. The better you are as person, the prettier you are to the world!

Zobayda’s tip to upcoming content creators is “be true to yourself. Don’t try to imitate or be someone else”.


Top 3 Editing tips:

  1. Do not overedit pictures
  2. Beginners, too, can use iMovies or other video editing apps
  3. Find your signature style and stick to it

Fun Fact about Zobayda:

Shh… (this is our secret), but until now I don’t know how to put Kohl in my inner eyelid.


Dina Al Sharif

Dina is a content creator and entrepreneur. Beauty and makeup changed her life completely when she first discovered it – “it helped me love myself more and build confidence. Today I create content related to beauty because I want to share as much as I can with people”.

Beauty for Dina is accepting your flaws and yourself as you are. She also tells upcoming content creators to stay consistent, enjoy what you’re doing and don’t focus on the numbers, just have fun!


Top 3 Editing tips:

  1. Find your own style
  2. Keep it short & simple
  3. Have fun!

Fun Fact about Dina:

She was a tomboy before she got into makeup. The first thing she did related to beauty was fill her eyebrows and that’s when she fell in love with makeup!


Asma Eidian

Asma describes herself as a happy person, an animal lover and 100% true to herself. She quit her day job to follow her passions and is now the happiest on earth (and maybe other planets too)! Asma’s advice is to accept yourself, your flaws, and your imperfections.

Asma’s top tips for upcoming content creators is to perfect their lighting, brainstorm ideas on using different methods, and imagine the content they want to create.


Top 3 Editing tips:

  1. Finding different apps for different projects
  2. Having filming and editing skills
  3. Having signature content that allows you to shine

Fun Fact about Asma:

When she was young, she used to eat her grandma’s facial cream and she believes this may be where he obsession with skincare came from!


Important dates!

Semifinalists will be announced on April 13th, 2020 and the final 2020 #SephoraSquadME will be selected and announced on very soon!


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