The SME Rise Collective’s Milestone Victory

What started as a journey between two small agencies in the region has become a behemoth of a collective that is proving that the collective power of a community really can create change. The SME Rise Collective is extremely proud to announce that it has just allocated marketing and PR support to its 76th SME in the region.

With SMEs making up more than 70% of the economic landscape in the UAE, the SME Rise Collective remains committed to supporting as many SMEs as possible, through their initiative which enables individuals and companies to sponsor marketing packages which are then allocated to SME applicants.

This week alone The SME Rise Collective has helped 20 SMEs by offering them PR and marketing packages based on their needs. They have received support from over 200 sponsors and are collaborating with more than 50 agencies across different specialisms to give SMEs the support they desperately need and deserve.

Some of the newest SMEs supported and partnering agencies/freelancers include:


  • Catch Comms will be supporting Mazmi Coffee
  • Agency Seventeen is proud to be working the team at Earth Water
  • Str8 Up Fitness will be supported with social media and content by freelancer Amanda


  • Digitalina Marketing will be supporting Real Boxing Only Gym with lead generation.
  • Vida Rizq will be supporting Story of Source and Warehouse 9
  • are supporting Dreamworks Collective and Barma Auto New Spare Parts
  • PUSH Mena ran a free Google Ads course for all SME Rise Applicants.

However, The SME Rise collective receives an average of 30 applicants EVERY DAY. This means there are still many struggling small businesses out there that need support. Only with the continued efforts and kind help of agencies looking to collaborate and individuals and companies looking to sponsor,  can the work of the SME Rise Collective continue in its mission.


Natasha Hatherall, founder of TishTash and The SME Rise Collective says “I am extremely proud of the work that is being done at the SME Rise Collective. This initiative began as a passion project for myself and Chloe but really has taken on a full life of its own and I owe that to everyone who has offered their support over the last two months. But, I am committed to continuing the SME Rise Collective way beyond this milestone of more than 50 SMEs. I believe we can, given the time and support, offer valuable tools and services to 100s of SMEs! ”


To apply or support the SME Rise Collective or to just follow this amazing journey, head over to and @smerisecollective


Let’s continue to rise together!

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