The star of “Zirka” will shine to combine the elegance and professionalism This Christmas expect dancing performances in an atmosphere of magic and fun

With the festive season approaching, especially Christmas, the professional dancing school “Zirka” is gearing up to launch a series of dancing shows in a magical atmosphere on 19, 20 and 21 December 2022 at the Boulevard Camille Chamoun Theater – Chiyah.

The performances will include a variety of dances with Christmas melodies and dreamy music that transports the spectator to a world of magic and imagination and joy amid all the negative developments surrounding us, especially this Christmas in Lebanon.

“Zirka” (coming from the Ukrainian language and meaning “star”) was established 15 years ago and continues to provide dancing classes hosting international choreographers to benefit from their experiences and transfer them to Lebanese young men and women.

The show will be an opportunity for the audience to witness the distinguished talents that we have in Lebanon that have taken Lebanon to international theatres.

These performers, all Lebanese artists, and dancers, will prepare to amaze the spectators as the curators and creators of “Zirka” expressed.

The founder of the project, Mrs. ” Yanina Antoury”, said on the occasion: “What we are presenting today is like a dream that comes true every day. Since the day we founded “Zirka”, we have sought to highlight the best and give the most beautiful picture of Lebanese dance and abilities and talents, and I invite everyone to watch these performances and get out with many positive impressions.”

It is worth mentioning that the duration of the show is about an hour and a half, and that tickets are available for sale at Virgin Ticketing

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