During a time where New Zealand borders are shut, planes are grounded and the welcoming of overseas visitors is not possible. The True Honey Co. comes to the UAE and takes its influencers and media on a virtual trip of a lifetime to the pristine and rich Manuka bushes at the New Zealand? Pavilion within Expo20 and launches Hive Flight.

The very idea that the True Honey Co. only use helicopters to place and retrieve both hives and beekeepers seems unbelievable and far-fetched.

To truly appreciate the extraordinary process and exquisite land this M?nuka honey  comes from must be experienced to be believed. Imagine if you could take a hive flight with Jim and fly to some of New Zealand’s most remote locations and rise above the rest.


We created Hive Flight because the world could not visit us, so we brought New Zealand to the rest of the world. This immersive experience enables the viewer to see first-hand the remote pristine locations we place our hives and the extreme lengths our team goes to in producing the purest Manuka Honey in the world. Our story becomes real – physically, emotionally and visually. Jim McMillan-Founder

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