The Ultimate Wireless Experience: oraimo Launches FreePods 4 to expand the UAE market

The new ANC tech earbuds with 35.5 hours of battery life are available on affordable price range

Oraimo, a smart accessories brand and a winner of many International Design Awards – on its different products series including Smartwatch, Power Bank, Personal Care series, Cleaners, and Open Audio series – and decided to further its footprint in the UAE market with Active Noise Cancellation earbuds, FreePods 4.

The latest Active Noise Cancellation earbuds, FreePods 4 is highly recommended for use everywhere, whether the surroundings are comfortable as home and office or noisy places like coffee shops and transit stations. The Transparency mode gives users the flexibility to stay aware of what is going on around them or carry out a short conversation without removing the earbuds.

The most remarkable addition to the new oraimo FreePods 4 is the oraimo Sound App, which has sleek UI controls & customized EQ with 5 different modes (jazz, rock, vocals, HavyBass™ and standard). The customization function allows users the flexibility of tuning according to their own personal preferences. The APP also provides users with effortless control on choosing their preferred style of listening to either music or long audiobooks. The FreePods 4 has exclusive 4-mics for Noise Reduction in calls.

Oraimo’s FreePods 4 boasts the proprietary HavyBass™ sound tuning technology that enhances bass to provide an even more immersive listening experience. The team behind the exceptional audio quality of the FreePods 4 consists of world-class engineers with prior experience at Harman Kardon. Their expertise guarantees users a high-quality sound experience, no matter the environment they’re in.

With FreePods 4 Quick Charge feature, the oraimo FreePods 4 can be fully charged in 10 minutes, providing up to 170 minutes of battery life. When fully charged, these earbuds offer an impressive 8.5 hours of power. In addition, its’ convenient charging case extends the battery life even further, providing an additional 27 hours of use to keep users going throughout the day.

Get Your Game On: oraimo FreePods 4 Elevates Your Mobile Gaming Experience with Low-Latency Mode bringing you closer to the action.

And the Google’s Fast Pairing makes connecting your devices with FreePods 4 a breeze. All you have to do is remove earbuds from the case & turn on your device’s Bluetooth and boom you’re connected in seconds. The Automatic Pop-up Window feature instantly displays useful information in real-time and allows quick configuration on the go!

The new device is a perfect fit to young people’s lifestyle as it adds to their fashion statement.

oraimo’s FreePods 4 earbuds features a sleek charging case that can be opened with just one hand, adding to the user’s convenience. The trendy slide-to-open design adds to the earbuds’ stylish look and practical functionality.

On the other hand, the device is IPX5 splash-proof and equipped with sweat protection, making it the perfect companion for any activity. Whether you’re working out or running in the rain, these earbuds can handle any situation while remaining protected from moisture damage. This feature ensures that the FreePods 4 are durable and can keep up with your active lifestyle. Lastly, the Antibacterial ear-tips keep your ears clean by reducing bacterial growth thereby ensuring your health is in check.

“From the very beginning, our aim is to provide our consumers with the best, unique designs and highly effective products at affordable prices. The latest ANC FreePods 4 will be a top choice for the young generation spending long hours on their devices for work or entertainment ,” said by Kevin Yuan, CEO of oraimo Audio.

They are available at affordable prices with a 1-year warranty .

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