Tips to avoid bone pain while working remotely

Since a lot of people are now asked to work from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to talk to Dr Ahmed Labib regarding applying best practices in home to avoid neck and back pain:


Dr. Ahmed Labib the Consultant Orthopedics and Sports injuries Head Of Department at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai say: “Many people don’t have proper office chairs and working for extended periods of time on your bed or hunched over a coffee table is not great for your body and overall health. That means you have to be extra aware of your posture and routine, so you can reduce the stress and strain that might come from working in a compromised position,” explained Dr. Ahmed Labib


Here are easy tips to follow so that your new home office set-up is more ergonomic to stay comfortable and avoid back pain while you work remotely for the foreseeable future.


.           Change your posture often: It’s crucial that you vary your posture

throughout the day, and preferable every hour because sitting in the same position all day can lead to back, neck and shoulder pain For example, you might start your day at your kitchen table, then transition to a standing position.

.           Add a rolled towel for lumbar support: rolling a towel and placing

it between your chair and lower back have been shown to increase comfort while seated.

.           Put your feet up: Supporting your feet on an elevated surface, or

Stretching your legs long increases circulation and can feel nice. Ideally, your hips and thighs should form 90-degree angles when you sit in your chair, but you can move your feet back and forth for exercise.

.           Elevate your laptop: if you are spending a lot of timing reading

From your laptop, the top of your monitor should be just below eye level, so you don’t have to strain your neck to read. Prop your laptop up on objects (like a stack of books or shoeboxes) so it’s eye-level. Then, when you need to type, you can lower it to a level that allows your arms to be bent at 90-degree angles.

.           Take breaks: Set a timer to go off every 30 minutes to take a break

for three to five minutes. Get up and walk around or do some quick stretches at your desk. Adding regular exercise, even if it’s low-level activity, is really important to keep your body healthy and avoid back pain.



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