Toni Makhoul dazzles Bucharest with a myriad of emotions

: In collaboration with “Philharmonic Mirea” and “Zuralia Orchestra”, the distinguished musician and composer Toni Makhoul, amazed all music and art lovers with his extravaganza new show “Le Grand Spectacle”, on August 18, 2021 at the famous majestic venue “The Romanian National Opera – Bucharest”, transmitting to the whole world that Lebanon might indeed be in crisis but its art and music scene never fades and is stronger more than ever.


The extravagant concert was a message of hope to Lebanon that took the speechless audience into a musical dream seeing a remarkable production, gathering more than 100 performers on stage in an unprecedented unique performance. Written, composed, arranged and produced by Toni Makhoul, The audience witnessed for the first time ever a full and perfect combination of Music Compositions, Philharmonic Orchestra, Choir, Singers, Dance Performances, and Artistic Video Displays.


The concert, guided on stage by Toni Makhoul performing on his guitar, impressed all invitees due to the grandiose of the performance and the presence of The Romanian “Philharmonic Mirea” and “Zuralia Orchestra” conducted by Bassam Challita. The show was enriched by the brilliant pianist Michel Mirea, and it featured the special guests Relu Balkan, Bella Santiago, Stefan Alexandru, Anca Turcasiu. All eyes and ears were fixed on both the harmony of the melodies and the choreography by Sandra Abbas and Asadour Euredjian who collaborated with the famous choreographers from Romania Daniel Dobre & Gery Petre, featuring more than 32 of the best Romanian dancers performing diversified styles such as tango, waltz, disco, salsa, ballet, samba, Spanish, rope dance, and much more.


Adding to the splendor of “Le Grand Spectacle”, artistic video displays accompanied each melody or song on a giant screen and were prepared by director Elias Absi. Commenting on the success of the concert, Toni Makhoul, who refuses to include in his show any song or musical not of his own compositions, said: “Our country Lebanon has been suffering for more than two years and today through Le Grand Spectacle I wanted to convey to the world that music, art and culture are the true identity and definition of Lebanon. We can define our country not its crises. I’ve put all my emotions in this spectacular performance, creating a harmonious blend of dance, music, melodies and visual arts. Lebanon will always be an inspiration and a source of hope for all its citizens wherever they are in the world.”


Amidst the most critical phase in the Lebanese modern history and in a spirit of love against the rising forces of darkness, the multi-talented composer, arranger and producer Toni Makhoul brought to life his remarkable vision and presented Le Grand Spectacle.

A once in a lifetime show that dazzled all the audience leaving an impression of Greatness and Hope for a better future not only for Lebanon but to the whole world.

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