TRI-FORM s.a.r.l – Interior & Graphic design company- and its active participation in the Changemaker festival 2019

Proudly supporting women’s talents & abilities and believing that they are the smart formula to grow & develop the Lebanese economy, drive it to the next level and ensure sustainable creativity, TRI-FORM s.a.r.l Interior & Graphic design company participated in the Changemaker festival that has been empowering women and youth to become career creators rather than job seekers, on October 5 and 6, 2019, at District //S, downtown Beirut, .


With the aim of empowering women and youth to become entrepreneurs rather than job seekers, “Women and Youth… Leaders of the Day” has been the theme for this year”, the interior and graphic designer Baria Wassim Al Khatib represented TRIFORM s.a.r.l for being its CEO and a member of WLC (Women Leaders Council of Lebanon). She clearly exhibited and proved her huge support for entrepreneurial projects that encourage the role of women as a real initiative that lays a strong foundation for the growth and development of the society and the economy. Her conviction of this idea lays with real initiative that will set a strong foundation for all future pioneer investors, creators and women leaders who is capable of realizing dreams and have an important role in social and economic growth.

Al-Khatib, graduated of the Lebanese American University, went to Establish “TRIFORM s.a.r.l” in 2007. Her vision aimed to build a unique relationship with clients based on credibility and cooperation all throughout the process, starting from the design phase, through the development phase and on to the final installation & implementation phase. TRI-FORM s.a.r.l has not only taken upon itself to be known as an Interior & Graphic design company but to become a platform of creativity that enhances its projects in any field from decorating, contracting, renovating and restoring projects. TRI-FORM s.a.r.l aims to provide an elevated technical vision that overseas and ensures an exceptional blueprint and foundation that relies on distinctive, practical and functional design with a meticulously handpicked team that brilliantly incorporates the latest technological findings into their work and collaborates with the clients with the utmost professionalism to ultimately provide unmatched expertise to any project set forth.


Al-Khatib added that each client’s tastes are different and each client has its own vision. In order to fulfill each wants and needs of her clients, whether in their homes, offices or simply future business, Baria Al-Khatib recognizes what interior architecture plays an important and crucial role. The marketing process of the project, it is one of the most important ways to attract customers, and the establishment of a special edition of the restaurant or adequate or shop in the minds of customers, as well as work on the establishment of a brand of the shop through the colors and form of interior design as a whole.


The services offered by TRI-FORM s.a.r.l are focused on all design, forms, operation, taste, aesthetics and an artistic vision which is evident through their work shown in its specialized exhibited portfolio where some of local projects as well as projects for international companies were displayed, such as:


  • HUAWEI Telecommunications equipment company
  • Daewoo Electronics
  • SHARP Electronics
  • Stars for trading and catering s.a.r.l
  • Marrouche


Al-Khatib has distinctly utilizes and incorporates much of images, videos, 3D designs and the latest technological methods into her projects allocated in her stand to prove a creative way to introduce and execute a clear and a beautifully designed vision to ensure that the role of women is an integral part of growth and social and economic development


Al-Khatib concluded that “TRIFOM s.a.r.l” aspire to bring to reality the ideas and tastes of each and every one of the clients and getting them one step closer to their dreams while proudly empowering women to take their rightful place in today’s society and in shaping the future.

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