Under the theme of ‘Sustainable Summer of Dubai: Education, Inspiration and Implementation’ Dubai Municipality organizes fourth season of summer camp in Children’s City

Dubai Municipality has launched today the fourth season of summer camp in Children’s City; running from July 8 to August 2, 2024, under the theme ‘Sustainable Summer of Dubai: Education, Inspiration and Implementation’ with the active participation of about 90 children aged between 7 and 12 years. The key goal of the camp is to arrange educational and recreational activities and programs for children during the summer vacation that enable them to improve their talents and skills in different fields, boost their knowledge, and improve their creative abilities.

 The camp aligns with Dubai Municipality’s efforts to develop creative, recreational, and sustainable spaces to positively contribute to the quality of life and improve the well-being and happiness of different segments of society.  Furthermore, it aids in attaining the goals of Dubai Social Agenda by offering a sustainable, effective, and proactive educational and social system to empower, appreciate, and support the capabilities of students. The move further highlights the municipality’s keenness to develop the intellectual realities and capabilities of children by efficiently combining education and recreation.

 Diverse Activities

Dubai Municipality’s Summer Camp programs include a wide range of beneficial activities and events focusing on areas such as education, sports, and others. Specialized teams from the municipality and contributing entities will give offers and interactive sessions to raise awareness on the basics of food safety and healthy nutrition, including the ‘Health and Safety Ambassador’ program. Meanwhile, other teams will organize workshops and activities such as the Dubai Reserve Virtual Reality Workshop and fungal life information to promote environmental sustainability awareness.

 During the camp, the Municipality will provide agricultural educational workshops, such as ‘The Young Farmer’ to raise agricultural awareness. It will also offer sessions on proactive prevention of common diseases, public health pests, and the major preventive practices. Furthermore, the camp will include awareness-raising workshops to motivate students to efficiently practice basic health and safety procedures at home, sessions to familiarize them with recyclable materials and various other recreational activities focusing on handicrafts and pottery making. It will also feature educational workshops like ‘Chess Challenge’, ‘The Art of Photography’, ‘Intellectual Property’, ‘Emirati Sanaa’, ‘The Robot and the Young Engineer’ and ‘The Sign Language’.

 The camp will also feature a range of recreational and artistic activities, including workshops on handicrafts and pottery. It will offer the opportunity to learn about flower arrangement and engage in gypsum and wood carving, shirt printing, cooking, illustration, comic art and imaginative journeys filled with vibrant adventures.

 Additionally, the season’s agenda encompasses a range of sports activities, including the ‘Sports for Our Health’ daily program and the Open Sports Day. Moreover, there will be field trips to various venues such as Al Rawabi Farm, Koala Kids Children’s Amusement Center, Atlantis Aqua venture World, Al Nasr Club, and Dubai Police Shooting Club, as well as opportunities to witness the Police Dogs’ show, bayara Nut Factory, Dubai Dolphinarium, Dubai Frame, Glitch World.

 The Summer Camp in Children’s City will receive participants in two teams. The first group will be admitted between July 8 – 19, 2024, while the second group will join between July 22 –August 2, 2024.

 Dubai Municipality manages several recreational facilities throughout the emirate; that are defined by its global specifications as well as integrated and holistic services that offer unique experiences for all segments of society. It includes the development of Children’s City, the first dedicated educational city for children in the country. Over the past 23 years, the city has been able to attain its main objectives in the development of children’s scientific and cognitive skills and knowledge. Additionally, it strives to advance the creative capabilities of children through a lineup of scientific and recreational programs designed to adhere to international standards and best practices.

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