“Untaught lines” Exhibition at Saifi Village

Solidere presents “Untaught lines”, an experimental and abstract solo exhibition by Hadia Khoury.

A unique exhibition featuring around 30-40 paintings that represent faces, feelings, and the unknown.

“Untaught lines” canvases are distinguished by a raw, spontaneous and stylized representation of fragile and human subjects.

With an intensive approach, the artist’s compositions revolve around feelings of the unknown and portraits of women, a subject matter that brings her infinite questions to talk about.

Her persistence on depicting faces as the solitary subject for most her works, Hadia Khoury drives the viewer into giving different connotations each time; as if these representations relate to our existence as helpless human beings in a giant social collective, each searching for our own incentive in the noise and confusion of it all.

Opening night event: Monday 3 Sep from 6 to 9:30 pm.The Exhibition will be running until Sep 18.

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