Used-car market picking up speed in 2018

According to recent research from Audi Approved :plus Abu Dhabi and YouGov, 56% of people surveyed are looking to a buy a car this year, among which 27% are looking to buy used cars.

The survey portrayed low mileage (55%), year (51%) and full-service history (48%) as the top three factors followed by warranty (33%), when buying used cars. Low mileage is considered most important by residents of Abu Dhabi, with 56% of respondents from Emirates listing this as their top priority

Besides the features of a car, the overall factor that is considered important is the cost, which affects used car dealerships on a whole, with around 48% of people looking at budget as the key consideration when deciding the model or make of car to buy. This is particularly true among women (55%) and younger people aged 18-24 (66%), who are most focused on cost.

“The car remains king when it comes to transport options in the UAE, with 68% of households surveyed owning a car for their personal use and customers are finding smarter ways to source exactly what they want at a price that suits them. A pre-owned vehicle offers great value for buyers, especially when purchased from an official dealer, as it is restored to conditions comparable to a brand-new car,” says Raymond Donald, Head of Used Cars, Audi Approved :plus, Abu Dhabi.

In addition, the survey showed that an official dealer maintained used car is more important than special features (18% vs. 14%) to a buyer, especially for buyers in Abu Dhabi (20%).

Donald commented: “There is a large element of trust involved in purchasing a pre-owned car, and in the current competitive market, vehicles which have been officially dealer maintained and have a full-service history provide important peace of mind for the buyer.”

“All of our Audi Approved :plus pre-owned models have all undertaken a strict 300+ multi­point check and also include similar warranty and dealer maintenance packages to new car purchases. Customers can therefore expect great value and service together with the knowledge that all approved used Audi’s meet the highest safety standards,” Donald added.

The Audi Approved :plus showroom in Abu Dhabi is currently the largest Audi showroom in the UAE.

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