Valiant Clinic and Hospital introduces robotic spine surgery in the Middle East

New technology set to revolutionize surgeons’ performance of complex surgeries

Valiant Clinic and Hospital, a leading multi-specialty boutique hospital, has partnered with Brainlab to bring Cirq Robotic Spine Surgery technology with 3D Imaging system in the Middle East, a first of its kind in the region.

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology saves time, enables stability and flexibility during surgeries. In addition, Cirq also simplifies the procedures, reduces human error, and provides statistical information about the spine for precision. These data and information are also valuable for treatment and recovery.

Modeled from the works of a surgeon, Cirq provides surgical navigation, imaging workflows, and reliable assistance especially during surgeries in complex anatomical regions. Cirq is also used for robotic trajectory alignment and spinal drilling.

Dr. Zbiggy Brodzinsky, Consultant Orthopedic Spine Surgeon at Valiant Clinic & Hospital said: “With its ability to provide real-time intraoperative navigation and rigid stereotaxy, robotic-assisted surgery has a higher accuracy rate while decreasing radiation exposure and possible complications. It also entails lesser time for the procedure and recovery. As proven in recent studies, robotic assistance simplifies complex procedures such as tumour resections and ablations, vertebroplasty, and deformity corrections. We are proud to bring this ground-breaking technology into the region, reflecting Valiant’s commitment to provide innovative, world-class medical services and treatments to its patients.

Valiant Clinic and Hospital is known to offer world class diagnostic and wellness services. The introduction of the new technology in the region through the partnership is a testament of Valiant’s contribution to the collective effort of the health sector to enhance health care services.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital accepts the following insurance: Bupa Oman Insurance, NAS, Mednet, Neuron, Saada, MetLife, NextCare, AXA, Almadallah, Saico Health, Daman, Aetna, MSH International and Inayah TPA.


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