Valiant Clinic & Hospital partners with Okadoc to enhance patient experience on booking appointments

Valiant Clinic & Hospital announced its partnership with UAE-based booking platform Okadoc to enable patients to choose and schedule their appointments with the doctors in a faster and more convenient manner. The move coincides with Valiant Clinic & Hospital receiving the license to administer vaccination against COVID-19 using Sinopharm vaccines.

Through an instant booking solution that can be accessed through Valiant Clinic & Hospital website, patients can check and choose the available dates and time slots for their appointments. This new feature aims to help them save time and the hassle of calling or sending emails to the call centre to book their medical appointments.

Ahmed Belhoul, Chief Executive Officer of Valiant Clinic & Hospital said: “We are proud of this partnership with Okadoc that will facilitate the booking procedure for our patients, as well as enable both citizens and residents of the UAE to book their vaccination appointments easily. The easy appointment system brings us one step closer to our patients.

“Now that we are a licensed provider of Sinopharm shots, the new feature will make the vaccination procedure easier on our patients and it will contribute to expediting the UAE’s efforts to ensure more people are vaccinated in the country. We urge everyone to book their appointment and get vaccinated at the earliest to ensure their safety and the safety of their loved ones,” Belhoul added.

Valiant Clinic & Hospital also offers a post-COVID-19 wellness assessment to ensure that the patients who have recovered from coronavirus are on the mend. The wellness assessment includes a consultation and tests such as CBS, CRP, D-Dimer, Creatinine, AST, ALT, ECG, X-Ray, and spirometry, as well as an advanced cardiology assessment from a cardiologist and an echocardiogram.

Fodhil Benturquia, CEO and Founder of Okadoc, commented: ‘We are honored to support Valiant Clinic & Hospital by making the process of booking doctor, vaccination and specialists’ appointments as seamless as possible, ensuring maximum efficiency for all parties involved. Aligning with our mission to improve the healthcare experience for all, our technology has already been utilized by thousands of UAE residents to find and book crucial appointments including COVID-19 vaccines online, with ease.’

Led by a world-class team of specialists, Valiant Clinic & Hospital is a luxurious medical facility which aims to raise the standard through high quality access to medical care and monitors the wellness journey through regular checkups.

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