VerdeTech paves the way for E-Waste recycling in Lebanon


For the past few years, Lebanon has been suffering from a growing garbage and waste crisis without any effective solution. A part of it is due to the large quantity of unrecycled E-waste which refers to all sorts of electrical and electronic equipment that are no longer in use, ranging from televisions and refrigerators to small electronic tools and mobile phones. E-waste is by far one of the most dangerous kinds of waste, and Lebanon generates approximately fifty thousand tons of it each year. If not disposed of properly, it can raise many safety and health concerns. In fact, beyond its huge impact on the environment, it contains harmful materials that put human beings’ health at risk.


VerdeTech is the first full-service recycling and the only licensed institution by the Ministry of Environment in Lebanon working on E-waste management. It seeks to raise awareness on the urgency of acting to limit electronic waste, and offers solutions to municipalities, corporations, and individuals sharing a common vision to protect the environment and live a greener and more sustainable life.


Through its innovative and efficient waste management techniques, it collects, sorts, stores and ships e-waste for free, contributing in minimizing its impact by adopting eco-friendly practices and processes targeting the exacerbating E-waste crisis in the country.

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