VFS Global achieves new milestones in its sustainability journey

VFS Global, the leading outsourcing and technology services specialist for governments and diplomatic missions worldwide, has made significant strides in environmental sustainability. The recently released Integrated Sustainability Report reveals impressive progress in reducing the company’s carbon footprint and enhancing its environmental initiatives.

 Key Environmental Achievements:

  • 72% reduction in GHG Emissions: VFS Global has successfully reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 72% compared to 2019 levels. This remarkable achievement highlights the company’s dedication to combating climate change.
  • Switch to Green Energy: The company has transitioned 76% of its electricity consumption to green energy sources, significantly decreasing its reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Tree Planting Initiatives: As part of its commitment to reforestation, VFS Global has planted 200,000 trees, contributing to its target of planting one million trees by 2027, aimed at enhancing global green cover.
  • 8.04 Tonnes of electronic waste was properly recycled to avoid potentially toxic material ending up in landfills.
  • We offset 100% business travel with 2,000 tCO2 contributing to a climate protection project that provides improved domestic cook stoves for 25,000 households in remote areas of India.

These accomplishments are part of VFS Global’s broader sustainability strategy, which is built on five fundamental pillars: Contributing to Sustainable Economic Growth, Good Governance, Nurturing Colleagues, Protecting our Environment, and Supporting our Communities.

 The company’s environmental initiatives have not only reduced its carbon footprint but also enhanced its overall operational efficiency. VFS Global’s focus on environmental sustainability is further underscored by its certification under ‘ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management Systems’.

 Shireen Mistree, Head – ESG at VFS Global, commented, “The launch of the 5th Integrated Sustainability Report is a testament to the collective efforts of our workforce, partners, and stakeholders driving positive change. This report details the impact of our ESG initiatives and serves as a roadmap for our continued progress towards a more sustainable future.”

 Click here to read the full report.


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