We want to Dance and Sing…a message of hope and joy A gift from “Toni Makhoul” to the Lebanese people.

A new clip by the Lebanese-international artist and composer, Toni Makhoul, was recently born that simulates the true spirit of Lebanon and reflects the identity of the Lebanese people who love life and creativity… which is Lebanon’s true will.

Toni Makhoul’s clip is a message from Lebanon to the whole world, saying that the Lebanese people do not give up and are stronger than all the crises that have passed and will pass through.

Lebanon’s true message is not destruction, death and sorrows, but rather a message of love, joy and life, and the creative director Elias Absi reflected it in the most beautiful scenes by sea, mountain, tourism and ancient history from ancient Beirut to Beirut today, which is healing its wounds and trying to rise like a phoenix.

The lyrics of the song say:

we want to dance and sing whatever happens, and we want to live our life, rejoice, love and fly high.

As for the melody of the song, it is a beautiful mixture of joy, dance, Arabic and Andalusian melodies that simulate human creativity.

You can watch the video clip of the song on the following link:


Also the video clip of the song is being shown on the most prominent Lebanese TV Stations.

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