Webinar series set to lead discussions within the UAE corporate sector and their responses to COVID-19

A new series of webinars is set to showcase enlightening discussions by government and corporate sectors, as well as SMEs to provide a better understanding of the impact and various responses of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) of the corporate sector and what they can do to move forward. The webinars are being organized in collaboration with The Pearl Initiative, Global Compact Network – UAE (GCN-UAE), and the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO).

The webinars series kicked off the first session recently with the theme, ‘Leadership in Times of Crisis: Embracing Uncertainty’, featuring a conversation between Dr Dena Assaf, the UN Regional Coordinator and Patrick Chalhoub, CEO, Chalhoub Group. The series showcased some insights on the challenges that may still lie ahead of businesses in these times and the key responses that businesses must take to maintain stakeholder trust, while ensuring the sustainability of their businesses across various sectors and industries.

Various sessions will take place in the coming weeks and will include speakers from partner companies of Pearl Initiative, GCN-UAE, and WGEO, as well as a wider network of private sector organizations.  This collaboration aims to shed light on issues facing the corporate sector as the pandemic continues to put tremendous pressure on businesses. Facing a new economic reality, corporate leaders are caught in the midst of the situation with the need to act quickly and innovatively, while also making decisions that support business continuity.

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