Weekend Max Mara has organized an exclusive event in Ca d’Oro, Venice on May 10th to celebrate the Pasticcino Bag Modello Venezia, the first stop of the bag’s new World Tour that, season after season, will support and celebrate traditional craftmanship all over the world.

The guests enjoyed a bespoke itinerary that will reveal the artisanal excellence behind this new Pasticcino Bag, deeply interlaced with Venice’s awe-inspiring history, artisanship, and uniqueness.

At the end of the day, an intimate dinner was hosted by Mrs. Nicola Gerber Maramotti at Ca d’Oro, overlooking the Grand Canal.

Ca d’Oro is an extraordinary late-gothic example of casa fondaco, built between 1422 and 1440 on the site of a

previous Veneto-Byzantine building. It was purchased by Baron Giorgio Franchetti in 1894, who decided to

transform it into a public museum that could also house his personal art collection.

Of particular interest are some works by Van Dyck, Titian, and Andrea Mantegna, as well as the building’s internal courtyard with its evocative mosaic floor made of ancient marble chosen and laid out by the baron himself, inspired by paleo-Christian basilicas.

Nowadays the Ca’ d’Oro is a State Museum which belong to the Italian Ministry of Culture.

At the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti at Ca’ d’Oro, the guests of the event had the chance to see the new exhibition

From Donatello to Alessandro Vittoria, 1450 – 1600.

150 Years of Sculpture in the Republic of Venice, dedicated to Venetian sculpture, curated by Toto Bergamo Rossi, director of Venetian Heritage and Claudia Cremonini, director of Galleria Giorgio Franchetti at Ca’ d’Oro.

The exhibition opened to the public on April 22nd and will last until October 30th, 2022.

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