WeePay Wallet Takes Part in the Agri-Food Innovation Days 2023 Event to Promote Digital Payments and Innovation in Lebanon

WeePay Wallet, a leading e-wallet in Lebanon, participated in the Agri-Food Innovation Day (AFID2023) organised by Berytech, in collaboration with QOOT and sponsored by the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon and the ENI CBC MED program. Through this participation, WeePay Wallet intended to shed light on the importance of payment via digital wallets, which in turn, saves time and effort for customers, helps stimulate economic prosperity, and helps merchants and start-ups exchange money at the lowest possible cost.

In this context, CEO of CashUnited, Roula Abou Ghazaly, indicated that “our participation in this event allows us to spread awareness on financial technologies, which facilitates the lives of individuals as well as companies to attenuate pressure and encourage them to use digital wallets”. She also added “We have offered exclusive deals and consultation opportunities to spread awareness and explain the benefits of using digital wallets in order to alleviate taxes, save time and facilitate commercial exchanges”.

She added: “Digital economies and digital payments are considered essential tools in achieving digital transformation and strengthening the local economy. As a Lebanese company that is committed to innovation and excellence, our participation in AFID reflects our commitment to promoting digital economy and enhancing user experience in terms of digital payment. We are committed to providing innovative and trustworthy solutions for individuals and companies alike”.

Recently, Lebanon has witnessed a monumental boost of the financial technology sector, and WeePay Wallet is at the forefront of this momentum. The digital platform simplifies and speeds up financial operations in the country to benefit citizens, whether they are individuals or companies. WeePay Wallet also provides a seamless and secure experience for users to manage and conduct their daily transactions with ease.

AFID2023 constituted a qualitative opportunity for start-ups to get to know each other and to create a network of communication between them for the benefit of the various sectors of the Lebanese economy, in the hope that the positive atmosphere that prevailed in the conference will be reflected in the future of participating companies, to which WeePay Wallet provided with the possibility of a safe and easy financial opportunity.

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