What is flexible management? After an interview with the press a few days ago, Ahmed Shehadeh continues!


The Lebanese producer and social media expert Ahmed Shehadeh continued his talk, which he started a few days ago, about Google’s selection of Sundar Pichai as its employee.

Shehadeh, who is the CEO of Arabsong Production, and in a previous interview, he had talked about two aspects in selecting employees, one of which is technical, which he answered previously, and the other is administrative, which we asked him to tell us about it during our meeting with him in his office in Beirut.

Shehadeh says:

Every company, especially technical companies, or we can say “companies that depend on creativity” have two clear sides. The first is technical, which is through the addition of electronic options or any tangible services to customers. For example, if we talk about the technical side of Google, it is the permanent technical development, updates and innovation of new methods that facilitate the Users search and give advantages to the company. As for the administrative side, it is different as it relates to employees, problems between them, the company’s legal papers, channels of communication with government institutions, partnership agreements…..etc.

The story of administrative matters in Google dates back to 2001 when the founders decided to bring Eric Schmidt to run Google and he remained in his position until 2010, after which the founders ascended to manage the company to become responsible for both technical and administrative matters, and suddenly they were surprised that what they excel at working on in technical development is far from all away from the administration, as the company’s administrators have to deal with thousands of employees, follow up on the company’s legal matters, communicate with other companies, manage taxes, financial matters and advertising. Here, the founders “Larry Page and Sergey Brin” failed to completely manage the company and decided to stay in technical matters and hand over management to Lipchai, who has been at Google since 2004. Of course, here we are talking about an exception, as Pichai excelled in management, both technical and administrative.

On the importance of administrative matters, Shehadeh spoke, saying:

Management is more important in companies that rely mainly on creativity, such as Google, Facebook, and others; We are not talking here about a real estate company that owns real estate with clear spaces and variable prices on demand, and we are not talking about the gold market, which determines international prices. Rather, they are companies, no matter how large their financial value, their main capital remains the employees. For the continuation of the company, employees must have conditions that enable them to be creative and invent methods suitable for the rapidly developing life and for employees to feel this they should not be under legal and tax pressures and all problems should be resolved between them. As a simple example: If a tax malfunction occurs in Google, or employees disagree and the company does not try to solve the problems immediately, most likely one of the employees will resign, and with relations of friendship, media and competition, the company may lose a hundred of its employees. Now, if the news spreads in the world with the resignation of 100 employees from Google, what will happen and what the amount of media pressure on the event, which means the possibility of the resignation of thousands of employees, and here we are talking about the complete collapse of the company. The circumstance no longer gives satisfaction to the workers and prevents them from innovating, and the company will lose its main capital, which is the employees.

Of course, the presence of a distinguished manager who possesses charisma, and who is loved and close to his employees, will be an essential factor in such crises to keep the company from collapsing.

Finally, Shehadeh answered a question asked about the existence of Arab companies operating with this level of professionalism, saying:

Not quite Arab investments in general depend on the safe market such as real estate and gold more in medicine it is a safer market, but the most innovative companies produce, in the period of their prosperity, many times that of this safe market, in addition to that their distinction makes it easier for them to transform their scope from local to regional and perhaps Arab and international. We have already started months ago in Arab Song Company to build the administrative and technical aspect, “For excellence, we must work with high professionalism.”

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