What to wear at a beach wedding

It can be challenging to put together an appropriate beach wedding attire for men. A balance ought to be maintained by appearing to be slightly relaxed while still looking elegant. What could immediately lend a relaxed look to the entire outfit is the colour. Lighter colours and earthy tones, such as white, beige or aqua blue, can lend a distinguishable relaxed look to the entire tailored outfit. The lighter the colour of the outfit, the deeper would be the sartorial understanding of the wearer.
For an extremely relaxed wedding, one can wear a smart open collar linen-tailored shirt with trimmings paired with light-coloured bespoke cotton chino trousers and hand-made loafers. The bottoms of the tailored cotton chinos can be turned up, showing a bit of ankle, and handcrafted loafers can be worn without socks. A light-coloured panama hat will lend personality to the entire outfit.
Ideally, a person can go a step further and wear a linen or cotton tailormade blazer. Lighter colours with varied hues of blues, sandy beige or white will further add to the relaxed vibe. Also, a light-coloured tropical woollen bespoke blazer that is deconstructed can be apt for the day, as it has the lightness of the fabric, construction and colour. With just a lighter-coloured bespoke blazer, one would wear a darker-coloured tailormade trouser and vice versa, or the other option is to wear an entire lighter-coloured tailored suit. Also, details such as having the buttonholes of your tailored shirt in a different colour or aqua blue to match the theme of the wedding or the venue adds an interesting flavour to the outfit. Similarly, having the first buttonhole of your bespoke jacket sleeve and the lapel hole in a different contrasting colour can lighten the tone of the entire outfit.
Accessorising in a thoughtful manner yet appearing effortless can surely add a bit of excitement. Vibrant handmade pocket squares with eclectic prints can add that dash of colour in an otherwise plain outfit. Brightly-patterned self-tied bow-ties could be worn to complement the theme of the wedding. The beauty of the self-tied bow-tie then left undone at the end of the ceremony lends an effortless elegance to the outfit.
The balance of appearing effortless yet doing it elegantly is all the more important on occasions such as these, where it is quite easy to tip the balance with one’s choices. When done effectively, it would make one blend in  with the vivid surroundings quite beautifully, showcasing one’s innate sartorial sensibilities.


Source: www.knightsandlords.ae

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