When Beauty Meet’s “Girl Math”

Do you ever catch yourself practising a little “Girl Math” when it comes to your makeup and skincare routine? You’re not alone! Liht Organics is here to redefine your perception of makeup with a focus on the extraordinary care it provides for your skin.

Liht Organics isn’t your run-of-the-mill makeup brand; it’s a makeup and skincare revolution wrapped up in one product. The products are crafted exclusively from 100% natural and organic ingredients, making them a healing and nourishing treat for your skin while enhancing your beauty. It’s like getting a double dose of goodness for your face!

Now, here’s where “Girl Math” gets even more intriguing. Instead of splurging on makeup and then investing in pricey skincare, Liht Organics is your secret to saving money! How, you ask? By choosing hybrid products like Liht’s, you’re not just applying makeup; you’re nurturing your skin at the same time. That’s “Girl Math” genius in action – saving while looking fabulous!

Shop Liht Organics’ range of colour-intense liquid lipsticks and foundations made with a skin-loving concoction of natural oils to smudge proof & lash enhancing mascaras and more on https://lihtorganics.ae

Liht Organics products are available at all FACES and April Beauty stores in the UAE.

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